About Reward Points

Reward points is our way of rewarding our valued customers for every purchase they make. For every product you purchase, you will receive a certain amount of Reward Points. You can use your Reward Points to receive discounts on future purchases, or save them up and use them to get free products or services. Get up to 200 Reward Points for each VST-AU Synth Editor you purchase. Buy three VST-AU Editor products and you get the fourth one free!


How Do I know how many Reward Points I have earned?

You can see how many Reward Points you have earned by logging in to your account, then go to the My Account page, then clicking on the 'Your Reward Points' link. The system will show you how many points you have earned or spent, and the transaction they apply to.


How Do I use the Reward Points I have earned?

When you have made Shopping Cart selections and Checkout, you will have the option to add the amount of Reward Points you wish to be applied to your order. If you have enough Reward Points to purchase an item with Reward Points alone, you can get your item free.


How can I tell how many Reward Points a particular product costs?

Each product will state how many Reward Points it costs, right beneath the listed price.


Do I have to use my Reward Points when I make a purchase?

No, you can keep saving them, or use them when you want to. The Checkout process allows you to apply the amount of Reward Points to use per order, or to not use them at all.


Can I redeem Reward Points for money back?

No, Reward Points can only be applied to purchases and products or services offered on this web site.