Frequently Asked Questions



I don't want it or use it anymore. Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for software under any circumstances! You must read and agree to the these Terms of Use before you can make any purchase. This is for the obvious reason that software is easily duplicated and could easily be used even if the purchase was returned.

Can I transfer or sell my license?

No. By purchasing the software license, only you are entitled to use the software and are eligible for free updates. By purchasing the software, you are buying a license to 'use' the software, not 'own' it. reKon audio retains all rights to ownership of the software. Due to the way our automated sales system works and the affordable price of the software, we can only provide limited support for the original license holder. The sale or distribution of reKon audio software or licenses by a third party is strictly prohibited by law and will result in the termination of software license, web account and legal action. Please read the Terms of Use and all details before making any purchase.

Why don't I get both Mac and Windows versions?

The license covers one user on one machine platform only. However, we do offer a 'Mac and Windows' version license combo at a discounted rate. Please understand that it takes time, hardware and money to develop for and support both platforms, which is a considerable cost for a small development company like us.

Where's the box?

The product package illustrations shown on this website are only images. All software is delivered electronically via email and download. This saves both the environment and your pocket book from needless packaging and shipping that will only end up as refuse. We do not physically ship software or licenses.



I have set everything up, but I do not see MIDI data transmission or reception to or from the synth?

First, Be sure to thoroughly read and understand both the product User Manual and the Setup Guide.

Second, make sure your synth is connected properly to your MIDI device via MIDI In and Out cables, and that your MIDI device is on and functional.

Next, check your synth manufacturers User Manual and the VST-AU Editor User Manual for any particular settings that need to be made on the hardware synth for proper MIDI transmission In and Out.

If you are using a DAW, you must first disable the MIDI ports that you will be using to connect the Editor to the Synth within the DAW's MIDI preferences. Do this before you instantiate the plug-in! Then after you instantiate the plug-in, open the Editor's MIDI Setup view and select those ports there.

If you have done this, next check that your synth is connected properly via MIDI In and Out cables. Also check the MIDI Setup's MIDI Input and Output channels are matched to your synth, and also the MIDI Setup's filter settings for the Editor MIDI In and Editor MIDI Out sections.

I have set everything up, but I do not hear any sound from my synth?

First, Be sure to thoroughly read and understand both the product User Manual and the Setup Guide.

Second, make sure your synth is connected to your audio card properly and that your audio card is on and functional.

Next, check the volume levels, mute, and solo settings across the entire audio path to make sure audio is coming through properly.

If you are using the Standalone version, open the Setup/Device Settings view and select the appropriate audio card and audio channel settings that are connected to your synth. You can also assign a remote MIDI Keyboard Controller input here as well so you can play and hear your MIDI Note, Pitch and Modwheel data.

If you are using a DAW, you must set up an additional audio track with connections to the audio channel(s) your synth is connected to. Also turn on the track monitoring (usually a speaker icon) to hear the synth. Do this after you instantiate the plug-in!

Be sure to thoroughly read and understand both the product User Manual and the Setup Guide.

Will your software work in my DAW host?

Check the 'DAW Support' tab for each product page to determine if that product will work in your host. Always read this before buying the software, as we do not offer refunds for software under any circumstances! Also check the Setup Guide for specific setup instructions for your DAW host.

Will your software work when using a VST->AU Wrapper?

It may with some, but we do not make any guarantees that our products will work with them.

What makes the VST-AU Editor Series™ different from other MIDI editors/librarians?

The VST-AU Editor Series™ editors allows you to work inside your favorite music production DAW host. This allows the user to manage the hardware in the same environment that the music is made in. Consequently, this gives the user the ability to craft the patch sound along with the music. More over, you can automate and record any parameter inside your sequence, in sync with your track. You can also name your patches and store them as .fxb/.fxp presets for instant recall. There is also the difference in GUI quality, with graphics that relate and enhance the original hardware itself.



Are upgrades free?

All release updates of the same version starting number are free (i.e. from version 1.2 to 1.3). Version updates to the next or higher starting number (i.e. 1.3 to 2.0) are offered at a reduced rate for existing, registered users. Please use the Contact page to obtain the update and provide your user email, purchase date, order number and platform you purchased software for. Updates can not be provided without this information.

How do I get updates for my software?

If your computer is online, You can check for updates by viewing the 'About' screen for the product you are using. If not, you can check the web site product description page for the latest version information.



Is the software an actual sound producing emulation of the original synthesizer(s)?

No, as that would be illegal and violate the original manufacturers copyrights. The product is an editor and controller for the actual synthesizer the product was made for. It sends MIDI data to and from the hardware to manage and control the sound from the hardware. You will need to own the actual hardware synthesizer to make use of these products.

The support I need is not here. Where do I get it?

You can contact reKon audio via the Contact page if you have questions or need additional support. Please be absolutely certain you have first read all documentation, user manuals, set-up guides and related forum posts available on this website before you submit a request for support. In almost all cases, you can solve any issues you may have with the support and information found in the documentation under the 'Support' section of this web site, and within the product forums.

This is cool, but I don't see an editor for my synth?

Our VST-AU Editor Series is growing quickly. If you don't see an editor for your synth, please send us a line to let us know you would like to see one for it. If we see a particular demand for it, we will follow up on it.

Can I temporarily donate my synth so that you can make an editor for it?

Yes. Since the actual synth is needed on-site to create and test the editors, we do accept donations for temporary use of some synthesizers to create new editor products. If you would like to consider donating your synth for temporary use in order for us to create an editor for it, please contact us (it will be returned to you safely in the same condition as it arrived, at no charge and you will receive a free copy of the software). The loan time required will vary, but usually is no more than 3-8 weeks. The sender is required to cover the shipping cost of sending the unit to us. reKon audio will cover the return shipping costs.