reKon audio

  • Logic Pro X Supported
  • Ableton Live Supported
  • Steinberg Cubase Supported
  • Cakewalk Sonar Supported
  • Presonus StudioOne Supported
  • MOTU Digital Performer  Supported
  • Cockos Reaper Supported
  •  ImageLine FL Studio Supported
  • Mackie Traktion Supported
  • EnergyXT Supported


reKon audio has just released the VST-AU Virus Editor 2.0.1 update. This update addresses the following bug fixes:

  1. Changed default settings for MIDI Setup/Editor MIDI In Poly Pressure and Aftertouch settings to 'On' position so Editor can respond to Virus Poly Pressure messages.
  2. Fixed Phaser/Stages parameter range (was 0-6, now 0-5. removed 'Off' position in GUI as it is...

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